Our Story

Tina Louise

We were born in the car.

Petoonsy® came into this world as the brainchild of entrepreneur Betty Miller. The year was 2005 when she adopted a rescued puppy called Tina Louise. First day, on the way home, Tina had motion sickness and threw up all over the car seat! Ugh! That day, that moment Betty wished there was an easy way to protect the seats from fur, scratches, spills and other accidents. Slipping and sliding was another big problem.

What if there were car seat covers for dogs that could solve all these problems? And what if those seat covers actually looked as beautiful as they were protective? That idea, in that car, on that day, was the foundation Petoonsy® was built on, many years later, when Betty decided to turn it into reality.

We are dedicated to producing high-end quality products for active dogs and dog owners; our products make life easier for you and your furry family member. We create products you are happy to own and ready to show off at any time!

At the end of the day, it’s not all about the money but about giving back as well! Our best reward is to know that, through Petoonsy®, we support animal rescue organizations across the United States and a few lives are saved or changed for the better. From the quality we put into our products, to the causes we support, to the relationships we build with our customers, to the care we give our pets – all of these are done keeping in mind our mission of positively impacting the lives of animals and animal lovers.

We couldn’t do this without you. So, thank you for being part of our family, our story and our mission!